Business Marketing Blueprint Program

Through the work we do with various entrepreneurs we observe many falling prey to marketing trends before determining whether the approach is right for their specific business or doing the necessary research on how to properly implement the steps to get the most out of the money they are spending. We believe that education is the most powerful tool we can give our clients towards saving time and money on marketing.   

Our Business Marketing Blueprint contains three modules:

  1. Brand Identity Strategy where our clients define a long-term, high-level business identity and approach to achieve specific business goals - affecting all aspects of their business and directly connected to their customers needs, emotions, and competitive environment. 

  2. Content Strategy where our clients define a high-level vision that guides future content development to deliver against specific business goals and objectives.  

  3. Customer Experience Strategy where our clients define every interaction between a customer and their business such as; customer awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases and service.  

Each of these modules are designed to walk our clients step-by-step through the thought process required to develop a clear, concise and complete marketing strategy. 


When finished with this program you will ...

  • Translate your business mission, values, vision, and goals into effective Marketing Strategies / Initiatives

  • Have a documented Marketing Strategy and supporting tools that serve as foundation for all your marketing campaigns.

  • Save time and money by focusing on the right customer and investing only on marketing initiatives that support your overall business goals

  • Be able to differentiate your business from the competition by identifying a distinctive brand positioning.

  • Improve the effectiveness of your marketing messages to customers

  • Gain the ability to identify the best marketing opportunities worth pursuing and which risks to avoid.

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