making a difference in the entrepreneurial community

We're committed to making an impact within our entrepreneurial culture by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs. We believe the key to creating a vibrant economy is helping young students and aspiring entrepreneurs move their big ideas forward. If you are a college student or an aspiring entrepreneur with an idea for a product or service that could solve a problem, fill a need or enhance people’s lives then our EDGE-UP Scholarship is for you.

What you’ll get

COLLABORATORY’s EDGE-UP Scholarship provides recipients opportunity to go through our Business Groundworks Workshop. This educational workshop teaches and coaches new entrepreneurs how to get intentional and clear about their business ideas. We help students evaluate and document foundational elements of a business, equipping a business owner strategically, mentally, and emotionally for the long game of building, running, and growing a business.

Ideal candidates for the scholarship include entrepreneurial minded college students, startups, and aspiring entrepreneurs, ranging from pre-revenue to cash-flow positive.


What you’ll experience


We understand the importance of coaching and mentoring our recipients through our program, helping them tackle the complex challenges faced by entrepreneurs.


We celebrate how collaboration brings different experiences and expertise to our recipients to help them create a well thought out business plan.


We believe each business is unique and requires sole focus on your business dreams. We pride ourselves in being creative and not force fitting your ideas into cookie cutter solutions

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1. Complete an application form. Applications accepted from January 1st to March 31st.

Step 2. Our team will review your information and assess whether you are a good candidate for COLLABORATORY’s EDGE-UP Scholarship.

Step 3. The awarded scholarship recipient will be notified via email by May 1st and this page will be updated to reflect who was selected by June 1st.

EDGE-UP Scholarship Recipients by Year

2018 - Carmen Bodle - On Purpose Boutique

2019 - Rachel Masterson - FUTBAR


Walking the Walk

“I love the work that ASU does championing entrepreneurship through its Entrepreneurship + Innovation programs.  I am proud to be a part of the important impact they provide student entrepreneurs and community ventures throughout Arizona dedicating my time working as an ASU Venture Mentor. I take great joy in being the facilitator to help student entrepreneurs accomplish goals, increase productivity, execute results and get awarded seed money to help them develop, grow and scale thriving, sustainable businesses.” - Melanie Shires, COLLABORATORY Founder & Owner

ASU Entrepreneurship + Innovation Venture Devils

ASU Entrepreneurship + Innovation Venture Devils is a program aiming to catalyze the entrepreneurial success of ASU student, faculty, staff, and community-based entrepreneurs by connecting them with Venture Mentors, experts in various business and start-up disciplines, who provide regular, ongoing support. This dedicated mentorship is designed to challenge, monitor, and advance the venture development process.

Keeping in alignment with COLLABORATORY’s commitment of helping young and aspiring entrepreneurs, below is a sample of some of the work Melanie has done as a Venture Mentor with ASU.

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click image to read this case study

click image to read this case study

click image to read this case study

click image to read this case study

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To learn more about how to become a part of the program as either a student venture or mentor go to ASU Entrepreneurship + Innovation