Business Groundworks Program

We believe the backbone of any business is a well-documented business plan. However, it is our experience that very few entrepreneurs have a business plan and if they do, it was completed as a loose formality verses an exercise with intentional thought. This is why we teach and collaborate with our clients to create a clear and well thought out business plan foundation.

Why is a business plan needed?
Without a business plan entrepreneurs tend to act more with emotion, especially when faced with desperation to earn money. This program ensures our clients time and money are well spent on the things that make the most sense for their business - not only in the short term, but for the long haul.  

Our Business Groundworks is a self-paced learning program (typically 8-12 weeks) that contains three modules

  1. The Soul of Your Business where our clients define their business mission, values, vision, and goals.

  2. What you offer, to Whom where our clients get clear on their products, services, customers, and market/industry.

  3. Value to Your Customer where our clients define the value of their products and services.

Each of these modules are designed to walk our clients step-by-step through the thought process required to develop a clear, concise and complete business plan that not only serves to validate whether a business idea is viable, but teaches a life-long business mindset and strategic thinking skills. 


When finished with this program you will...

  • Understand the importance of a having a business plan and how you will continue to utilize it as a living document for your business.

  • Define the soul of your business so that you operate with greater intention with each business decision.

  • Create business strategies around really knowing and understanding your customers, allowing you to capture their attention and influence their buying decisions.

  • Learn the elements needed to position your business to stand out in your industry to win customers.

  • Recognize the power of collaborating with others to examine and challenge common (and sometimes false) business building assumptions.

  • Receive a customized digital business plan containing the base elements to effectively move your business forward with the right marketing strategies. See our Business Marketing Blueprint Program to review the next step in your business building journey.

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