Why Entrepreneurs Who Work with Business Coaches are Better


By: Melanie Shires, PCC

In addition to working with my entrepreneur clients, I also mentor student entrepreneurs and start-up ventures for Arizona State University. Many of these aspiring student entrepreneurs work with me to develop their business model and prepare for pitch presentations to compete for university-sponsored angel funding.

During my meetings with both my client entrepreneurs and student start-ups, when we explore their aspirations, it becomes clear to me why entrepreneurs who work with business coaches and mentors are simply better. They are more open, more fun to work with, more willing to learn, more willing to stretch for outstanding achievements, more willing to take responsibility, more concerned about their personal development, and just simply more positive.

My aspiring entrepreneur students who have start-up ventures are ripe for mentorship because they are in an academic environment predisposed for learning and growing. My entrepreneur clients have the self-awareness and wisdom to know that employing a business coach will help them have insights about the most effective and efficient ways to get them where they want to go.

These entrepreneurs have an advantage over their counterparts and able to accelerate their success. They are like professional athletes who are committed to be the best, and who hire experts to help them stay in shape and keep improving. They have that sense of drive, an internal fire, and the wisdom that an outside perspective is crucial for their ongoing improvement. These qualities are infectious and make them more attractive to others. One could argue that these attributes alone – even without a coach – will lead to success, and yet these individuals are still willing to hire a coach to get even farther, faster.

Here are­­ five attributes that I especially appreciate in entrepreneurs that hire a business coach with the sincere intent of getting better, improving their products and/or services, cultivating an exceptional customer experience, and accelerating their success:

They are committed to continual self-improvement. They seek ongoing improvement and understand that the best way to stay competitive is to stay curious, educated and connected in their business, in their industry, and most importantly with their customers.

They have inspiring aspirations. They want to see great things happen, and people gravitate towards those with vision and a sense of purpose. At the same time, they hold themselves accountable for achieving their aspirations and goals, including ongoing gains in performance.

They see great potential in collaboration. It is more enjoyable to be around people who see the potential for greatness all around them and encourages collaboration than to be around people who are cynical, egotistic, and perceive people with similar expertise as a threat instead of an ally. This sense of possibility and partnership makes them more attractive to others. 

They are willing to be vulnerable. It is not easy to take responsibility for improving a strained business relationship, to see one’s own role in the situation and proactively make amends. It is not easy to hear feedback from our customers and then resolve to improve. It is not easy to allow give and take when pushing an idea forward, rather than win at all costs. However, this kind of vulnerability ultimately leads to improved results, relationships, and success. Entrepreneurs who are vulnerable also tend to attract more followers – particularly power partners and loyal brand ambassadors. By having just enough vulnerability, these entrepreneurs learn, grow, and continually get better.

They are flexible and adaptable. Entrepreneurs who are coachable understand the need to be flexible, open to new ideas, and to have a range of styles and approaches for different people and situations. This allows them to lead their team and speak to their customers more naturally and authentically, instead of relying on long-standing patterns that make them unyielding.

Entrepreneurs who work with business coaches are better because they recognize the importance of their continual personal and business development. They know a good business coach can provide them with a collaborative partner, a sounding board, an accountability-partner and business strategist all-in-one to help them reach their goals.


Working with a business coach for continual personal and business development is a key component of intellectual wellness and overall well-being. I am passionate about and committed to helping entrepreneurs live their best life through the integration of states of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, The Eight Dimensions of Wellness. Follow me @bizcoachmel to get empowered with inspiration, tools, resources, tips, encouragement and support in every step of your wellness journey.