Unique Gift Ideas for Your Clients on Valentine’s Day

Five Gift Ideas to Show Your Clients Love_Blog Image.PNG

By: Melanie Shires, PCC

Almost every entrepreneur I know spends an excessive amount of time, energy and money to court and gain clients, but when it comes to keeping them happily in a long-term relationship many fall short.

I educate entrepreneurs on the importance of nurturing, displaying and promoting customer love – realized each time you provide an extraordinary customer experience for your client.  As an entrepreneur myself, I know that clients are the heart of any entrepreneur’s business so why not show them some love and appreciation on Valentine’s Day?

Here are some unique gift ideas you can give to make your clients feel loved and appreciated this Valentine’s Day:

The gift of giving

Share the gift of giving to others and do it with a style your clients will love. Every single classic product available at FEED comes along with a donation that feeds starving children across the world. And instead of just a flimsy piece of paper explaining where the donation went, your clients will get a product with the number of meals their gift provided printed straight on it…so they can remember the good they’re doing every single day.

The gift of humor

Share some humor and fun with your special clients, all while sticking to any budget with supplies from Knock-Knock. I simply love this company. They sell notebooks, post-its, water bottles and pretty much anything else anyone who lives life will appreciate…but everything they make includes a funny message that reminds us not to take ourselves too seriously.  

The gift of fitness

Give the gift of fitness in a compact, cute and wearable package with fitness trackers like Fitbit. This is a gift idea that will yield serious long-term benefits for your clients providing major habit-changing benefits long after other gifts have been forgotten.

The gift of a premium learning experience

Who doesn’t love learning something new? By offering the gift of a premium learning experience, you might give your clients something they don’t already have. Not to mention the experience itself is the perfect chance to make memories. While some learning experiences will please nearly everyone, offering something thoughtful and personalized, will make a much longer lasting impression.

Your options may be limited by what’s available in the recipient’s area, but many of the ideas below are available in most areas.

  • Improv class. A few hours of laughter might just be the best gift your recipient gets all season.

  • Painting class. Sipping and painting classes may be trendy, but they’re also classic, something everyone will enjoy even if they have no prior painting experience or strong artistic aspirations.

  • Cooking class. Everybody eats, and most people would love to improve their cooking skills.

A handwritten note

This is my absolute favorite. This gift is not only cost effective, it’s extremely unique. There isn’t a gift out there to match a thoughtful handwritten note, especially if you include personal details that remind the receiver of your relationship.

These are just a few of my favorite ideas to spread some customer love. Keep in mind that Valentine’s Day is not the only occasion you can send gifts of appreciation. The important thing is to spread the love. Your intention should be all about showing client appreciation in an authentic and personal way. Trust me, it goes a long way.